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A ‘Ghost’ of a Chance

Posted by CW64 on October 17, 2009

Ghostwriting can actually turn into a prosperous career even with bylines (For those you who don’t know what ghostwriting is, go:  here and here.

Of course, ghostwriting need not be anonymous in nature. Quite often, when self-promotion brings about personal accounts for a freelancer,  bylines are sometimes awarded in the fashion of  "in collaboration with . . ." or a shared byline with the recipient or subject of the work. An example of this would be a politician or celebrity (the main idea and direction were that of the latter, so why shouldn’t s/he get recognition?), even though the ghostwriter does all of the physical work. Sometimes the ghostwriter is listed at the end in the "acknowledgements" section without being mentioned as a writer.

As said, this form of work can be very lucrative for many writers, even though such success, if at all, rarely comes overnight. Such financial gain can allow writers to live comfortably, even affluently, especially when said writers work through major publishing houses. This is a worthwhile means, not only because it is a well-paying gig, but also because skills are acknowledged (albeit privately) and respected by other parties involved.

How does one get there? Simple answer: a lot of time and hard work. Starting as a freelancer and networking over a period of time to build up a desirable reputation both serve a career well in the long run. This is why, as I clarified in the last post, writers should be careful in their endeavors, because a bad reputation can make or break a writer.

As for me, I have ghostwritten, and it is a satisfying venture. Still, I have my own ambitions; I wish to publish my own works (not necessarily through self-publication, but I will get into that soon). For those of you who have bothered to read "about me" above, you should be familiar with what those projects entail. I will continue building up my byline.

"Ambitious!" you might say.

Well, yes, but these projects (and there are plenty)  will take me a long time to complete. That’s all right, though; I only have the rest of my life.

Next:  self-publication, the pros and cons . . .


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