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Holiday Tidings

Posted by CW64 on December 5, 2010

With the holidays approaching once again, we find whole new inspirations to carry us through our writing. What kinds of things do we write about this time of year, besides Christmas stories, that is? There must be an endless array of subject matter to cover. After all, the holiday period means something unique to everyone.

As for me, I tend to find inspiration in the fact that we, as a warring planet, have made it through yet another year. That in itself is a worthy subject about which to write: people who are down and out and have nothing and living on the street, others living it up on sunny beaches where the palm trees are strung with Christmas lights, boats floating through ice fields in the sea as they prepare for next year’s harvest, soldiers marching across battlefields far from home, the calmness of a quiet snow-fallen night, kids screaming raucously as they spin time and time again down a snowy hill, families and how they interact when they are together in the warmth of their homes . . . even death and destruction, unfortunately, play a significant role in creating or validating the holiday spirit.

Recently, a friend told me that her mother-in-law, who has cancer, is expected to live only a few more weeks. This is understandably depressing, of course, for those who are close to the woman, especially her husband, but for everyone, this experiences just reminds us how precious life really is and how we should embrace and enjoy it with all of the passion within us. THIS is why death during the holiday season is quite apropos. Nothing seems more meaningful than a holiday filled with death.

Except that of a new birth.

Yes, the birth of a new member of the family equally reminds us that life continues and reinforces more than ever the need for us to carry on, even after the death of our loved ones. So birth counters death.

Actually, the two balance each other; life cannot exist without either one, for when a person dies, another is born to take that person’s place.

Life and Death and Writing

Writing reflects life. That’s why the influences and ideas about which to write are endless. The holidays fuel those ideas regarding life and death because these are what the holidays celebrate. Therefore, the writing that the holiday period inspires should also celebrate, or at least discuss, the significance of both life and death.

What do you, as writers, contemplate during the holiday period? What moves you? Personal experiences? Articles you read in the newspaper? A class discussion (for those of you in school)? A movie or TV show?

In the end, it doesn’t really matter because every source is a valid one for inspiring one to writer; everything a person is touched and affected by her or his surroundings. All of these things serve as means to substantiate our existence and our need to write.

For me, I will sip the eggnog, kick back and relax while both reading and writing, reflecting on the holidays and the year that just past and everything that has happened during that time, as well as how I have changed and grown as a person as a result. This, too, will make next year even more memorable for me . . . .


2 Responses to “Holiday Tidings”

  1. Donna Miller said

    The end of a year for me always tends to usher in a time of reflection on what I’ve learned and how I’ve grown over the year and provides an opportunity to resolve to build on that growth in the year to come.

    • CW64 said

      Exactly, Donna. I am the same way. I see the holiday period as both an end and a new beginning. That, to me, is why it is a special time of year.

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