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About Me . . .

What can I say about me without going on and on . . . ? I don’t like to talk about myself; I’d just as soon let myself become known as things develop. Quite a bit regarding my professional life, although not everything, is available in my introductory post. Still, I will provide a somewhat more extensive outline here:

  1. Aged 48 (but young-at-heart)
  2. Am a Libra (for those who follow astrology)
  3. Bilingual
  4. Born with a pencil in my hand; I sketch as well.
  5. Have two sisters, one a retired driving instructor
  6. Other interests include: anthropology, archeology, astronomy, cooking, cycling, Egyptology, Fiction/non-fiction, French films, history, incense, Latin music, linguistics, medieval studies, nutrition, travel and world cultures, among other things.
  7. Several writing projects going:
  • two novels
  • various collections of short stories
  • a few songs (yes, I write music, too)
  • research projects, including the Titanic and 60s Pop culture
  • some *ahem* erotica 

Anything else? Ask me and perhaps I’ll tell you. I am private about certain aspects of my life.



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